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City of Kerrville offers tips on avoiding contaminated recycling


The City of Kerrville Solid Waste division would like to remind citizens that improper recycling may cause your recycling cart to be “contaminated” and therefore not serviced. It is important to know small amounts of contamination may cause an entire load in the collection vehicle to be deposited at the landfill rather than be recycled. Below is a list of what is and is not allowed to be recycled.

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• Glass bottles & jars **
• Cardboard
• Clean pizza boxes
• News printed paper
• Standard office paper
• Mixed paper from mail
• Shredded paper only in paper bags
• Tin cans
• Aluminum cans
• Plastics – #1, #2, and #5; look for the triangle symbol on the item

• Note – if you are unsure about an item, place it in your garbage and call the city.
** Glass may not be taken to the recycling drop-off site.

• Household waste
• Plastic Bags – Empty or with items inside
• Batteries or electronics, including cords
• Hazardous/Toxic containers
• Flower pots or water hoses
• Frozen food or chip bags
• Plastic or metal hangers
• Ceramic dishes, light bulbs, drinkware, mirrors
• Food waste, soiled pizza boxes/paper plates/napkins
• Styrofoam containers, peanuts or packing material
• Yard waste: grass/brush/leaves
• Construction material i.e. wood

Be advised that only carts with a light blue lid are designated for recycling. Do not place items in plastic bags inside or outside the cart, as they will not be collected. If needed, excess recyclables can be dropped off at the Recycling Drop-off site located at 200 Landfill Rd. (previously 3315 Loop 534). To help keep your cart clean and to prevent contamination, please rinse containers that previously contained food or beverages.

With the recent economic challenges and industry restrictions on recycling, it is important to be aware of other waste minimization initiatives known as the “R’s”. Those include Reducing and Reusing, which rank higher than Recycling in the waste minimizing initiatives. Please include these practices in your efforts to protect the environment and its resources.

For additional information and requirements about any of the city’s solid waste services, please see the 2019 Solid Waste Calendar located on the city’s website at, or you may contact the City of Kerrville at (830) 257-8000.

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