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Kerrville’s own football star Jared Zirkel talks about future after beating over 150 competitors at Georgia kicking camp


Jared Zirkel, 17, is the kicker at Tivy High School where he attends as a senior. The name “Zirkel” has entered the home of Hill Country residents after his many accomplishments on the field over the past couple of years.

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TBN had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Zirkel and  Brent Grablachoff, the owner and head coach of Kicking World, about his accomplishments, his game history, and his goals for the future.


According to Zirkel’s profile on the Kicking World website, during his growing career, Zirkel has accumulated 173 kickoffs, 109 touchbacks, 119 punts with combined yardage of 4,507, averaging 38.3 yards per punt, with the longest punt being 63 yards. He has kicked 6 field goals, with the longest being 59 yards which happened during Tivy’s winning game against Fredericksburg in 2018. Kicking World boasts that Zirkel also kicked a 70-yard field goal off the crossbar during a private lesson.

Recently, Zirkel attended Georgia’s kicking camp where he beat over 150 high school kickers during their kickoff competition. However, this was not his first accomplishment. Zirkel earned honorable mention for the 2018 High School All-America Team for Kicking World which meant that he was in the Top 10 out of over 1,000 high school athletes that are working with Kicking World.

Grablachoff was asked what he was seeing that was different about Zirkel’s skills and he answered that Zirkel had a great leg since his first time at Kicking World the summer before his 8th-grade year. Grablachoff added that he was kicking to the end zone where most sophomores and juniors can’t get. He expressed how “insane” it was that Zirkel made the 59-yard field goal.

Zirkel explained that he played soccer as a kid which he thinks prepared him for when he started football his 7th-grade year. He and his cousin played football together and he noticed he was good and wanted to take it further.

Zirkel told TBN that Division-1 coaches are already reaching out to him and he stated that the Air Force and Army have already offered but his first choice is the University of Georgia.

If he maintains in the top 3% of his graduating class of 2020 with a 4.0 GPA, Zirkel said he will be able to attend any state school.

“This upcoming year I hope to have a great season with lots of D-1 offers. That’s the main goal,” added Zirkel.


There is no denying that Zirkel has one of the strongest, if not, THE strongest leg in the country right now. There is no doubt that all of his ability, hard work and determination will not go unnoticed. So when the air cools, and the floodlights come on, be sure to make it to a Tivy football game this upcoming season and watch this young man work.

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